Breeze 88

A clean vertical digital watch face.

This product is the [PRO] activation code for the watchface application.

Download the application to your watch from the Garmin Connect IQ Store here.


To Activate:

To activate your watch-face application and exit the trial finished screen enter the activation code you receive in the confirmation email after purchase in the settings menu for the watch-face.



12 Colour themes,

20+ data options including Garmin and Open Weather Maps weather data.

Fully supported languages:

English, Russian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

Available Data:

***** Not all data fields will be available on all watches*****

Heart Rate, Battery %, Step count, Floor count, Calories, Active minutes, Distance ( km or mile depending on watch settings), Ambient Pressure (hPa), Altitude (mts or ft depending on watch settings), Date, Solar Intensity, Sunrise and Sunset times.